Greetings All!


With this campaign, I am seeking help to turn my song “Butterflies” into a hit.

A good producer is hard to find, and while my song is of decent quality now, its not quite where I envisioned it to be. It has a little ways to go before it’s a masterpiece.

What I am asking of you? I am asking you to invest. I need exactly $600 to send this song to a producer whom I believe whole-heartedly will deliver excellence. My family is in extreme hardship right now. We don’t even have a car, but God gave me a dream. Despite everything I’m not giving up on it.

This song deals with social awkwardness and the struggles of not fitting in or being a social butterfly. It lends wings of hope to the listener. I wish I had something like that when I was a young teen and even as an adult.

I am very ambitious, but also very determined. As a female emcee, my music also gives a voice and recognition to issues such as marital separation, (functionally) single parenting, mental health, femininity, social awkwardness, and so so much more. I really wouldn’t be doing music if I felt like these topics were holistically and organically addressed in today’s society.

(Additionally, I also have 8 years of honorable military service)

Would you invest in helping me to get this song out there to help others just like me? If you believe in my music and you believe in the movement I am trying to stir and the conversations I am trying to foster, then please consider investing in me.

I can’t tell you how much doing so would tremendously benefit my family long term and the world.

I will post a receipt for any and all transactions so that you can be sure that your money is spent with integrity.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!

>>>(In case the video above doesn’t show, here is a LINK to the campaign VIDEO which also gives a preview of the song as it is>>>