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    August 17, 2019 at 2:24 AM #725


    More often than not, we all have that one song or perhaps a collection of songs which we really wanted to see an artist take to video. However, for whatever reason, they never materialized past the stereo. As a fan, I’ve listened to albums just Knowing that the artist was gonna put That one song to a video if nothing else; that banger, that feel gooder, the heart-gripper. Only at the end of the day to instead feel as robbed as a jogger who brought their walkman and forgot the cassette tape at home. A half just won’t do.

    Here’s the first 5 that come to my head:

    1. “Beautiful Life“, Trip Lee ft. V. Rose. As sweet and powerful as this song is, I was sure it was going to have some visuals. Plus,I believe it was the first time I got introduced to V. Rose

    2. “Oh Lord“, NF. It’s hard to make a case for NF since he’s made some videos to some heavy hitters over the years which I have been enjoyed and been supportive of. Still, though, I wish this one made the cut, lol.

    3. “Nothing Without You“, Lecrae ft. J.R. Man, if this song doesn’t strike a hard nerve for those wrestling with spiritual depression. A rarity for sure. Sadly, it never made it beyond the boombox.

    4. “Amped“, 116 Clique. Whew, this collaborative song which serves as the titular song for the album “Amped” lives up to its name. I get juiced up every single time it hits my speakers. Every single time, and yet *sigh* no video ever graced my screen.

    5. “Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight“, Amos Lee. The vibes produced from this song are very sombering. How much more would a video? Fourteen years later, still nothing. A girl can dream, right?

    Honorable Mentions:

    Any song from Swoope’s “Wake Up” album
    “‘94“, Stormbroken
    Mad About“, High Society
    Beautiful Day“, Mike Body ft. Jarell
    Picture on a Shirt“, Thi’sl
    Better“, Jackie Hill-Perry ft. J. Givens, Natalie Lauren
    So Sweet“, Flame
    I Did It For You“, Lecrae
    Identity“, Lecrae
    MySpace“, Flame


    Yo, is this you out there?! Do you have a song (*or ten) that you would have loved or had expected to see in a video but for whatever reason the artist has simply not cut one? Comment below with your faves 😊