A little backstory, I wrote this poem for a poetry slam back in my senior year of high school. It seemed to really resonate with the audience. Figured it was still worthy enough to share. Without further adieu…

Eh, hem, eh, hem, mm may I speak?

Put down those nails young man, and please let me speak

My soap box’s bolted to the ground, so please, let me speak

I see the weather is peaking, so let me get my say in

It took a lot to get here, so let me get my weigh in.

The promise of one seed, was given to one faithful

From yonder, he couldn’t see all of the roots it would make though

He kept hold, never doubted, on this blessing

It passed his life, but it wasn’t dead, it was just resting

And so, this people grew, and boosted in their status

They were apples, and the Pharisees feared. Yes, it was tragic

From farming their own land, they were later made servants

Four hundred years of bondage, and the sun beat their courage

-Through triumphs they got their freedom-

Failures of the heart bounced back their promise

They were fined to wander the desert, and struggle was their harvest

Excuse me sir, hold on, you don’t have to leave

Ah, I must continue, even if my soul is bereaved

So, where was I? Yes, after the forty years of wandering

Came judges, kings, and prophets. A lot had befallen them

From Gideon and his army, to Josiah and his kingship

And Samuel’s sanctification, and Jonah on the sinking ship

There is a rift, being four hundred years of silence

Then, in comes John. He was used as the siren

Saying, “Awake. Awake. The Kingdom is at hand”

Alas, He wakes. The seed became a man

One hundred percent Spirit. One hundred percent flesh

So complex, yet humble. On Him, no sin would beset

He preached salvation, and only lifted up God’s will

He brought peace to the most rowdy and to the most ill

All are welcome to the table, and all people can serve Him

But the Jews weren’t having it. They tried to finid something to scourge Him

With a clean slate, all they could say was that He blasphemed

And with that scheme, they took Him away as a mad fiend

As they beat Him and marred Him, mocked, bruised, kicked Him, and scarred Him

His love only grew. He knew, the mission, He wouldn’t discard it

Sir, madam, if you could just take your hands off me

I can then proceed to land this thing

Tried as a criminal, but He kept His innocence

Let me speak, let me speak. I just have to get this in

Tried as a criminal, but He kept His innoncence

Give me my mic. I guess I have to scream to get this in

Tried as a criminal, but He kept His innocence

It’s imminent that this case is more than coincidence.