Hi and welcome to my site!

Off tops, yes, I am a Christian. At the same time, I’ve learned to acknowledge and respect what is beautiful in this life, especially when I am privileged to be apart of them- secular and non-secular sides alike.

Born and raised in the 90’s, I’ve observed the rise and decline of several classics, trends, historical events, and ‘one-hit-wonders’ from that era. Though my beginnings are nestled in this generation, my disposition is strikingly old-fashioned for my age.

Introspectively speaking, I gain more by maneuvering through tasks or problems incrementally and thoroughly rather than blazing through via the “quick and easy” route. Culturally and artistically speaking, I am much more moved and influenced by raw talent embedded within songs composed with live instruments and creative skill, singers who use their natural voice, art conceptions that are delicately and intricately made from scratch, and film and videos that are not saturated with CGI and digital effects.

In all, I’m not a big fan of what is “popular” and flashy, but much more a fan of originality, creativity, innovation, reliability, and inventiveness. In other words: tasteful originality.

Growing up, I was that introverted kid who did more observing than talking. In retrospect, I believe this quality essentially gave me the ‘best seat in the house’ to life and its many facets. Overtime, this has seemingly helped to sharpen my analytical skills and discernment.

My background over the last 31 years consists of residing and/or visiting 9 different states and 9 different countries, poetry writing, song-writing, singing, learning the basics of a couple of instruments, a few semesters studying visual communications and various forms of it (filmmaking being my main interest), raising a small family, and cherishing the simple things of life. I also served for eight years in the U.S. Army Reserves as a Financial Management Specialist (forever a 44 😉 ).

I love travelling and stepping into new enviornments. I’m a Christian, a mom, and a thinker. Mingle that with my 90’s-ish roots, old-fashioned tastes, and love for originality, and you get me-Bandy, or as I see it, your average Jane.







Ever since I was a teen, I had kept a notebook of some sort. Notebooks have come, and notebooks have gone. All I know is that God redeemed this scribe and put her to work!