A collection of top book, music, and film recommendations and reviews from my notebook to yours..

About Bandy’s Notebook

What is Bandy’s Notebook?

Bandy’s Notebook is as simple as the opening tagline put it: a collection of book, music, and film reviews that I believe can impact your life in various ways. This is a place for both adults and children. The goal for this site is not to have a personal slam book, nor to to be a shortlist of over-glorified favorites. Rather, it is meant to be a place where people from all walks of life can come (artists/authors included!) to be encouraged, edified, and exhorted with an Ephesians 4:29-like attitude.

Future goals I have for this site are to expand it to not only include music, book, and film recommendations, but recommendations for household items, kids toys, places to shop, and beyond.

With no further adieu, I invite you to grow, share, laugh, and think with me as you explore Bandy’s Notebook. I am open to feedback and comments. I only ask that they are said with courtesy and respect. My notebook is ever-expanding as I seek to share more and more insightful reflections from my life to yours. . .